Corporate Rebels


Trade (Commercial) Debt
Businesses do business with one another on credit terms and find it difficult to cope with the stressed times they find themselves in! Does it sound familiar to you? Then this 2 day program for B2B credit Staff and Management is just the medicine you need.
Accounts Receivable Management (ARM)
The workshop is a “must” for ALL staff involved in managing the accounts of customers.

The outcomes of this workshop:
  • The Purpose of the Credit Function and its Partnerships
  • Situational Analysis of the Credit Environment
  • Processes
  • The Policies and People in the Credit Function
  • Legislation is an important aspect of ARM
  • Collections and Enforcement is an important part of ARM
  • Altitude depends on Attitude
  • Returns and Profits
  • Implementation and Strategic Change Management.

2 day program : R 4,150 ex VAT per delegate